Michael Hardy at Canberra Blues Society Xmas Party, 2011


Links to live music images (primarily Blues) plus a few such images.

You can browse these blog pages and explore links for particular Festivals or performers.  The links on this page go to other pages on this blog with more images and links.  If you follow the links right through, there are many images.  As best as I can make out, the links for Festivals lead to 11,046 images from 997 performances while all links lead to 15,244 images from 1,285 performances.


Pearl Noire at the National Press Club of Australia, September 2010


Musicians and Bands


Darren Jack, Thredbo Blues Festival 2012


Blues Festivals

2 comments on “Blues

  1. […] a Blues singer from Texas, here at one of the Blues Festivals where I am official photographer.  Here is a link to the main live music page on my blog.  It gives access to nearly 5,000 images, though […]


  2. […] Blues (4 mono images out of 6) […]


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