Goulburn Blues Festival 2013

Goulburn Blues Festival 2013 was held over a weekend in early February.  Its official name is the Australian Blues Music Festival.  I’m not Official Photographer for this Festival and we only attended during one day.  I photographed just three performances: Jan Preston, Jeff Lang and Jimi Hocking.

Jan Preston

Jan Preston and Band

Jan Preston grew up in Greymouth on the wild West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.  She has a long and illustrious career including playing with Split Enz and writing music for films.  Known as Australia’s “Queen of the Boogie Piano”, she always gives a great live performance.

Web SiteMusic on MySpace.

Jeff Lang

Jeff Lang

Jeff Lang was performing here solo, first time I had seen him without a band for several years.  He creates a musical space somewhere between Blues, Roots and Folk and is an absolute maestro on the guitar.

Web SiteMusic on My Space.

Jimi Hocking

Jimi Hocking and Band

Jimi Hocking is always a dynamo in live performance, including a level of fitness that would impress Mick Jagger.  In the 90s he was lead guitarist for the Screaming Jets and before that, replacement guitarist for a while with the Angels.  His web site describes him as “the electric love child of T-Bone Walker, BB King and Jimi Hendrix”.  He is always a great favourite with the people on the dance floor.

Web siteMusic on MySpace.

See here for more images from this Festival (62 in all including some monochrome conversions).

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