Thredbo Blues Festival 2014


Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson

Thredbo Blues Festival 2014 took place over three days and nights on a weekend in the middle of January.


Simon Kinny-Lewis (Simon Kinny-Lewis Band)

Andrea Marr

Jimi Hocking

Mighty Reapers (Clayton Doley (obscured), Robert Susz, Vito Portelesi, Dave Brewer, Antero Ceschin (obscured))

Foreday Riders (Shane Pacey, Al Britton (obscured), Ron King, Rosscoe Clark, Jeff king)

Rick Price

Audience, Rick Price

Jeff Lang

Wendy Matthews

Dave Blight (Dave Blight and the Flyers)

Harry Brus (playing with Kevin Borich)

Kevin Borich (, Harry Brus, Lucius Borich)

Crowd, Mighty Reapers

Bob Malone

Genevieve Chadwick

Davo Fester (playing with P J O’Brien)

Jessie Jungalwalla (playing with Jungal)

Victoria Beard (playing with Jungal)

Leisha Jungalwalla (playing with Jungal)

Jesse Valach (Jesse Valach and Blues Mountain)

Audience applauding, Jesse Valach and Blues Mountain

Hal Tupaea (playing with Ray Beadle)

Alison Penney (, Dave Blanken, Rosscoe Clark, Mike Rix)

(Dave Blanken), Robert Susz, Alison Penney (Keller Jam)

Mary Jane Guiney, (Robert Susz), Ray Beadle (Keller Jam)

There are many more images.  On the Thredbo Blues Festival Page you will find links to images from Thredbo 2014 including top 100 images as well as links for the Keller Jam, crowds and each of the 22 bands.  On that page you will also find links to images from previous Thredbo Festivals from 2006.

Alternatively, there is also a direct overall link to all Thredbo 2014 images in JAlbum (with overview images and images by band organised by folder).

For other images of a particular band I may have taken since 2006, see the Musicians and Bands Page, which lists links alphabetically by band.

10 comments on “Thredbo Blues Festival 2014

  1. throughhisown says:

    Great photos! Until you try to do them you have no idea (or how much preparation) how hard it is! Congratulations!!!


    • Murray Foote says:

      Thanks very much! I’ve been doing it for a long time and I’m still learning. It’s greatly improved on the days of film in the 80s when I used to shoot a band, process the film and make some prints that night then take them to the band the next night. LED lighting offers a whole new level of challenge, though.


  2. David Blight says:

    Excellent photos Murray…totally capture the spirit of that fabulous festival. Hopefully see you next year…cheers


  3. throughhisown says:

    You know you can’t claim our kiwi mate Kevin B?


  4. throughhisown says:

    Just dropped by for another look Murry!


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