Sydney Blues Festival 2013

Bass player, Russell Morris Band

Sydney Blues Festival 2013 took place over three days and nights on a weekend at the end of October.

Dave Hole

Mal Eastick

Charlie A’Court

Colleen Fricker

Reg Mombassa, Dog Trumpet

Bec Sandridge

Jimmy Bee, Cyril B Bunter Band

Ash Grunwald

Chris Wilson

Crowd, Wilson & Diesel

Robert Susz, Continental Blues Party

Sandi Thom

Applauding Carus Thompson

Dom Turner

Ray Beadle

Russell Morris

Tim Chaison (Diesel)



There are many more images.  On the Sydney Blues Festival Page you will find links to images from the 2013 Festival, as well the previous festivals from 2009 .  Links for 2013 include top 100 images and one for each of 25 bands.

Alternatively, there is also a direct overall link to all Sydney 2013 images in JAlbum (with overview images and images by band organised by folder).

For other images of a particular band I may have taken since 2006, see the Musicians and Bands Page, which lists links alphabetically by band.

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