Anni Piper and Canberra Blues Society Jam

Here are some images from the inaugural Canberra Blues Society Jam at the new location at the Harmonie German Club.  There was a good roll-up, with 128 people attending.

Dan Fernandes

Black Hat Band plus horns

These are some of the local performers.  Canberra has a surprising range of excellent Blues musicians, including some of National and International stature.

Taking the photographs here was tricky, though.  It was daytime and there was a whole line of windows above the bands, pointing directly towards the sun.

Richard Steele

Anni Piper

Also for this event, the feature event was Anni Piper from Woollongong and her guitarist Richard Steele.

WebsiteMusic on MySpace.

Also, see here for more images from this performance and Jam.

2 comments on “Anni Piper and Canberra Blues Society Jam

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