Sugarcane Collins

Sugarcane Collins
Last night, on Friday 22nd February, we were fortunate enough to see Sugarcane Collins live in concert in one of our local venues (the Harmonie German Club).

Sugarcane Collins
Sugarcane (or Andy) Collins hails from the far North of Queensland, in some ways the Deep North of Australia as compared to the Deep South of the US (southern hemisphere, remember).

Sugarcane Collins

Some years ago he used to play with a full rhythm and blues band.  These days he mainly plays solo.  His music is original, his style is distinctive and he is deeply versed in the Blues music and culture of Mississippi and Louisiana.  I’m not sure that a comparison is warranted but perhaps Otis Taylor occasionally sounds a little bit similar.

Sugarcane Collins

His CDs don’t come all that often and they are worth waiting for.  The previous one, Way Down the River, revealed the experience of the American blacks as though he had been born a black in Mississippi.  His new CD, Downunder the Blues, focuses on concerns and experiences in Australia, including the Aborigines and the Environment.

It was a memorable performance, as you might well imagine.

This is the cover of his new CD.  As it happens, it features one of my images, from Thredbo Blues Festival a few years ago.

Web site.

A few more images (another 4 for 8 in total).

7 comments on “Sugarcane Collins

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  3. Listening to some on YouTube. Interesting sound, I am liking him.


  4. Dan Fernandes says:

    Fantastic shots Murray Andy’s a great musician, storyteller, a talented and wonderful man…missed him this time around but we go back a ways…


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