2nd April: Falkland Islands (Bluff Cove)

In the afternoon, we departed in a group of land rovers driven by local farmers to Bluff Cove. The route included enterprising excursions across rough and soggy tussock, definitely requiring genuine four wheel drives. On the way there and back we were treated to entertaining discourses on Falklands history and anecdotes including the all-too-recent Conflict.

Once there, we had about an hour photographing penguins in the rain, mainly gentoos and also a couple of King Penguins and their two chicks. Then there was a great surprise at the Sea Cabbage Café with a wonderful display of Falklands hospitality including a truly magnificent range of gateaux and even some accordion music.

King Penguins and chick (plus a few gentoos)

King Penguins and chick (plus a few gentoos)

Gentoo penguins in and out of step

Gentoo penguins

Gentoo penguin

Gentoo penguins

Two-banded plover

Two banded plover

Gentoo penguins and kelp

Gentoo penguins

4 comments on “2nd April: Falkland Islands (Bluff Cove)

  1. Derek Lark says:

    Well you can do zydeco on the accordion, almost blues(:))


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