3rd April: Falkland Islands (George Island)

In the morning we visited George Island, to the South of the main East Island in the Falklands group.  There was a farmhouse on the island but no-one was home.  The weather was bleak and windy, making it seem a rather uninviting place to live.  There was the prospect of sea lions on the other side of the island but they weren’t at home either.  What we did find though was some Magellanic penguins was also a variety of other birds along the coastline including tussock birds, upland geese and ducks.

Tussock bird. It's not lettuce; it's seaweed on the shore.

Magellanic penguin in burrow

Magellanic penguin in burrow

Falklands steamer ducks. They can be flying or flightless; these are the flightless variety.

Kelp goose

Blackish oystercatcher

Lifting a zodiac into the ship. The zodiac passengers had previously disembarked up the stairway.

3 comments on “3rd April: Falkland Islands (George Island)

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  2. […] 3rd April: Falkland Islands (George Island) […]


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