8th March – El Chalten

A view across the river in the early morning after we had abandoned our walk

We got up before dawn to do a long walk including what we expected to be a magical dawn landscape. Unfortunately, the track we selected turned out not to exist (though it may have 10 years ago, as indicated on the map) so we had to bush bash.

Then it rained continuously which was not forecast and we had not prepared for. We were pretty lucky with the weather most of the time but not on this day. So we turned back for something of a rest day.

On the way back we took images in the rain, in and around where we had parked the car.  Hence both the images above and to the right.


In the afternoon the weather cleared and we visited a waterfall not far north of El Chalten (not sure of the name, even off the map) – impressive enough though we encountered an American photographic tour there and it was a bit crowded for a while.


GPS Reference.

6 comments on “8th March – El Chalten

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  2. Giuliana Snt says:

    Beautiful post. Good to know you’ve enjoyed my country!


    • Murray Foote says:

      Thanks very much Guiliana. The trouble with travelling is that it makes you realise how much is there that you didn’t see. It would be nice to go back to El Chalten some time with a more light-weight camera system and do some of the long walks.


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