18th April: Iguazu Falls

During our time in Iguazu, we stayed at the Sheraton Hotel within the National Park.  No real choice there for us because to stay in town would mean commuting several kilometres with the transport being erratic very early and late.  One annoyance, though, was that the National Park was only open from I think 8am to 5pm so we were not able to be at a dramatic vantage point for sunrise or sunset.

The amount of water going over is indeed impressive.

Fancy a swim, anyone?

There is a narrow-guage train to ferry people to the various walks.  While many people were waiting at one of the stations, several coatis (related to racoons) turned up in search of handouts.  Here is one crossing the railway line.


With an hour to spare before we needed to catch a plane, I went for a walk with one lens intending to photograph some butterflies.  That didn’t happen (too many people) but I hadn’t been to that section of the track and didn’t anticipate how good the view would be.  With no time to go back for other alternatives, I shot over 100 images to combine them into the image below (and it’s also the 100th image posted for the trip on this blog).

If you click on the image below, it launches to a new tab where you can see the whole image.  There will be three icons at the bottom right:

  1. Click on the far right one for a full screen view
  2. Use the first and second icon or the mouse wheel to zoom in and out – then hold down the left mouse button and move around the image.
  3. The third icon takes you back to the initial appearance of the image

Inside the image you may find about sixty birds, one in flight, four platforms of people in Brazil (most of the image is in Argentina) and one butterfly.

Then time for more plane rides – Uguazu Falls to Buenos Aires and after some hours in the airport, Buenos Aires to Santiago.  We arrived very late at night in Santiago to a warm impromptu welcome from some people passing in the street.