Manvar locality

24th February 2014 (Day 16) Manvar, Rajasthan, India


This morning we went for a drive on unpaved roads in the vicinity of Manvar and met some of the local people or passed them by.


DSCF3772 .

DSCF3767 .


We stopped for a while at the house of a blacksmith.


DSCF3785 .

DSCF3792 .

DSCF3856 - Copy .


Indian gazelles appear in this image and the next three.


DSCF3892 .

DSCF3918 .

DSCF3944 .


A large group of camels pausing by the side of the road, in the charge of a few men.



Cows and Post Office.


3 comments on “Manvar locality

  1. SPFischer says:

    When I see photos such as these from countries so removed from where I am, I am always struck by what a sheltered life I lead. I am forever grateful to be able to view the world through others’ lenses. These are wonderful shots, Murray. All of them. But the last one was the most thought provoking and led me to write this comment. Thanks for sharing.


    • Murray Foote says:

      Thanks very much, Stacy. India was an amazing experience. The last shot was a fleeting glimpse from a moving bus, the only such image in this thread though common in some of the others.


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