Montague Island

I visited Montague Island in August, September or October 1987.

11 July 1987 Arca Swiss Monorail 5x4" 150mm Linhof Schneider Technika Symmar  f16/22 15 seconds, Fujichrome 50 Low res scan from book

Nagaoka Field Camera 5×4″
150mm Linhof Schneider Technika Symmar
f16 1/25 second, Fujichrome 50
Low res scan from book

I don’t have the original slide. My notes say “panorama” but I think it is just a single large format image cropped in.  Stitching panoramas was not an easy process in the film days.  I’m using a 150mm lens, which is a normal lens, equivalent to 50mm in a full frame sensor.  I am a fair way away here, probably a couple of hundred metres away from the lighthouse.

It must be the lighthouse keeper standing up in the back of the 4WD ute. He is on the road up from the boat landing.  Over to the right of him and the lighthouse is a solar array, which must have been very high tech for 1987.

The lighthouse was built in 1881.  It is nineteen metres high and stands sixty metres above sea level.

The island has been a wildlife sanctuary since 1953 and a nature reserve since 1990.  There are many resident species of birds including little penguins, mutton birds or shearwaters and crested terns as well as frequent sightings of sea eagles and a variety of smaller raptors.  Fur seals are also resident, both Australian and New Zealand varieties and sightings of dolphins and whales are common around the island.

It was also a food resource for aborigines in the days before white settlement, involving a perilous journey from the mainland in bark canoes.

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