13th-15th April: At sea, Rio Del Plata, Buenos Aires

On the 13th and 14th we were at sea and this offered an opportunity to prepare images and posts, though as it turned out it took some time to get the opportunity to post them.

On the 15th we arrived in Rio Del Plata and our sea voyage of 27 days to Antarctica, the Falklands and the Atlantic coast of Patagonia was at an end.  A very special opportunity it was too, especially as a specifically photographic expedition with only 16 passengers.  We felt in very safe hands with the Russian Captain and crew and all the excursions were very well organised.  Anyone interested in similar expeditions may wish to check out the Aurora Expeditions website.

We had a few hours in Rio Del Plata which is a large modern city.  The city centre had lots of shops as city centres do but it appeared to lack the anarchic charm of some of the Patagonian towns we had visited.

So then, on a bus and off to Buenos Aires.  You may recall the view from the Hotel window in the first post from Buenos Aires and we were heading for the same Hotel.    We arrived at 5pm in rush hour on a Friday night, coming up on the other side of the road.  It was most impressive to see the bus driver come round the big roundabout and force his way across six “lanes” of traffic (no lane markings) to park outside the Hotel on just the other side of the roundabout.

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