16th April: Iguazu Falls

We were up early this morning to catch a plane from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls.  We arrived with a few hours to spare in the afternoon so we decided to take a walk to a minor waterfall not connected to the main falls.

Walking along the path I heard a loud though distant rasping sound that somehow made me think of toucans.  And there they were, two of them, high in the tall trees, some distance back from the path.  This image is cropped right in to about 100%, even though taken from a 600mm focal length on a camera with a full frame sensor.

Toucan far up in the trees.

There were also some colourful butterflies about and here is one:

3 comments on “16th April: Iguazu Falls

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  2. I was in Argentina for 6 weeks early part of last year, and became so addicted to tango and Buenos Aires, & was just such a dimwit, i never even made it out of the capital. Was having a great time in BA true but, well, pretty stupid really. Oh well…. Great photos Murray. Always love your blog.


  3. Murray Foote says:

    Thanks very much Arran, indeed.

    We spent as little time in BA as possible and didn’t encounter tango and probably pretty much missed out on BA’s special character. It did seem a touch scary though, according to my brief impression and I saw what appeared to be some rather depressing slums from a distance. Patagonia felt quite safe by comparison and my quick superficial impression was that I much preferred Santiago to BA. Iguazu Falls is well worth checking out if you’re there again.

    I seem to be about to do the same thing again. I’m planning a two and a half month trip to Europe later in the year and the largest urban centres I’m expecting to visit are Inverness, Tromso and Reykjavik.


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