19th March: Patagonia (Ushuaia)

Very little photographic activity today, lots to see and do down here but we haven’t had the time. We did manage to visit several museums and have a trip up the cable car to see the view. We also met some of the people we will be sharing the ship with at dinner.

The ship above with the blue hull is the Polar Pioneer, which is taking us to Antarctica.

At the right is part of Ushuaia and the mountains above.

Below are some houses a few streets back from the main street of town. All three images are from the roof of our hotel.

Argentinian towns can be quite different. Unlike El Calafate, where pedestrians seemed to be fair game, here drivers were remarkable courteous and considerate to pedestrians.

We walked all around town trying to find a dry bag for me. This was a late recommendation for Antarctica (on the zodiacs). We’d all but given up when we found one at a fishing place just a couple of doors from our hotel.


5 comments on “19th March: Patagonia (Ushuaia)

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  2. Dry Bag! OK, got that on the list.


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