18th March: El Calafate to Ushuaia

We dropped off the rental car today, having driven something like 2,000 kilometres over two weeks, and took the plane to Ushuaia.

No images today because we found we needed a few more items for Antarctica.  Getting organized for the trip takes precedence.

We’ve had some great meals in Argentina and Chile, at Buenos Aires, Helsingfors, Los Notros and Estancia Mirador del Paine but nothing to compare with the meal we had tonight, a wonderful seafood meal by a very talented chef.  If you’re ever in Ushaia, check out Kalma Restaurant at Antartida Argentina 57 (that’s the street address).  Damien and Morgane from France pointed us to this restaurant some weeks ago in Helsingfors.

3 comments on “18th March: El Calafate to Ushuaia

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  2. Hi, Murray. Thanks again for your extensive comments on the Travel Photography post over at Leanne’s blog. I finally made it to your series on Antarctica here from the link that you posted.


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