11th March: Patagonia (Perito Merino Glacier)

Perito Merino Glacier at Dawn

We got up at dawn for photographs of the Perito Merino Glacier (our main reason for staying at Los Notros).

Google Maps reference (green arrow).


Later that morning we crossed the lake in a boat, then walked on the glacier in a guided tour, wearing crampons. This was a view as we went across the lake, glacier mountains and stormy clouds.


Down low on the glacier, looking past the peaks on the ice to the mountain peak.


A small crevasse. You don’t want to put your foot down one of those (let alone a large hidden one).

Google maps location (green arrow/ contours on the glacier change daily).



Above you see how jagged the surface of the glacier can be. There are parts of the glacier you can walk on but you wouldn’t want to try to walk across it.

To the right, this is the edge of the glacier with a calving event due (it’s all going to come down soon).

Google maps location (green arrow).

There are two more images at the front of this glacier, taken from the other side, at the end of the previous post.

Then after this tour, we returned to El Calafate for a relatively early night.

4 comments on “11th March: Patagonia (Perito Merino Glacier)

  1. […] 11th March: Patagonia (Perito Merino Glacier) […]


  2. […] 11th March: Patagonia (Perito Merino Glacier) […]


  3. Now that is some wonderful literature.


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