Culswick Broch

Shetland, Scotland. Day 27, 25th July.

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The walk out to Culswick Broch offers views along a particularly fine stretch of coastline.

I can no longer offer massive images to zoom in through since Microsoft is in the process of killing Zoom.It but this image and the fourth one expand to a larger than usual size if you click on them.





Here it is, on the top of the hill.  A drawing survives from 1774 that shows it as largely intact at that time.  The remains of later buildings down the slope to the right would have used stones from the broch.  The same probably applies to many of the walls and ruined buildings in the first image.


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A telephoto panorama with Vaila Island in the background.



Approaching the entrance of the broch, with its huge triangular lintel stone over the door.  You can see that it held a commanding position, with any ships visible for many miles.  It has not been excavated.



I am now standing on top of the broch.  Out to the left is the Atlantic.  Then there is the island of Vaila.  Where I was staying for the night was behind there.  The water to the right of Vaila is Vaila Sound.   The peninsula to the right of that is White’s Ness, which has a small lighthouse on the end.  The stretch of water to the right is Gruting Voe.





A view from inside the broch.  You can see part of the entrance way but I suspect that was blocked and not the way I came in.





Looking past the broch to the coastal views.


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Later that night, after dinner, here is the sunset at Burrastow.

8 comments on “Culswick Broch

  1. leecleland says:

    Prime real estate indeed! I still find a landscape without trees disturbing (unless it’s a desert) so open and windswept.


  2. great set fabulous location


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