Sardargarh Train Ride

22nd February 2014 (Day 14) Sardargarh, Rajasthan, India



In the morning after breakfast, we boarded a train for a journey from a village near Sardargarh to the town of Phulad 44 kilometres to the north.

All images are as viewed from the train, or within the train, except for the last two where we have disembarked at the final station.


DSCF2959 .

DSCF2972 .

DSCF1165-2 .


We were in the end car and a large group of people joined us at one station, mainly young women.  They were very friendly and great fun and very happy to have their photograph taken.


DSCF3010 .


My partner Jools tells me that they were mainly daughters of working men, on an outing for the day.


DSCF3017 .

DSCF3021 .

DSCF3026 .


“The track passes through a breath taking scenery of Ravli Sanctuary, with 100 feet high bridges, two long tunnels, waterfalls, thick jungle, and above all an unchanged ambience of a bygone era. The track is cut on a cliff side and one comes down by almost one thousand feet. All along one can only appreciate the Herculean effort by the engineers in 1928.”


DSCF3033 .

DSCF3076 .

DSCF3081 .

DSCF1226-2 .

DSCF3096 .

DSCF1251-2 .



DSCF1267-2 .

DSCF1277-2 .


This is at the stop where our fellow travellers left the train.


DSCF1287-2 .


Viewed from above in a small town, but still from the train.


DSCF1295-2 .


Now we have disembarked and are about to board the bus at the right for our return journey to Sardargarh.



This is the ticket office at Phulad, with its curious sign.


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