Jagdish Temple

20th February 2014 (Day 12) Udaipur


Not far from the City Palace, we dropped in at the Jagdish Temple, founded in 1651 by Maharana Jagat Singh and dedicated to Vishnu.

. DSCF2328 .

DSCF2339 .


The style of the architecture is apparently Indo-Aryan and the walls of the temple feature a variety of sculptures in fine condition.

. DSCF2352 .

DSCF2358 .

DSCF2361 .

DSCF2370 .


Outdoor shrine.



On the road to our next destination….

. DSCF2417 .

DSCF2441 .


Our next stop was at this small fountain in an enclosed courtyard.  Unfortunately I don’t have any information to tell you what it is and where it is.

Behind the fountain was a sign over the doorways “Vigyan Kendra.  State Institute of Educational Research and Training”.  Vigyan Kendras provide practical instruction for farmers so I suspect this is an administrative office and not related to why we came here.

. DSCF0624 .

DSCF0627 .


Outside, there were further gardens and fountains.

. DSCF0643 .


Later, we dropped in on a factory and shop where they painted traditional miniatures of great delicacy and refinement.  Here a Western woman is receiving instruction.

. DSCF2473

Motor bike helmets.  He doesn’t seem too interested in customers, though.

. DSCF2481-Edit

Drop in a different background and he could almost be in the fourteenth century – apart from his shoes, probably.


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    Very interesting, beautiful pictures! 🙂


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  3. […] 20th:  Jagdish Temple […]


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