Heading for New York Again

Before I left for Scotland on my North Atlantic trip I entered four prints in the annual Interstate Competition of the Australian Photographic Society.  This is where people from camera clubs all over Australia compete on a State basis and the standard is very high.

I did very well with one of the prints.

Michael Hardy at Canberra Blues Society Xmas Party, 2011

And this is the one.  Last year I had won first place for monochrome print with it in the 2012 APSCON National Competition.  In the Interstate Competition, I was awarded Herbert Medal for best monochrome print and also best overall image.  Astonishingly, this has won me a 10-day photographic trip to New York with UDesign Photo Tours.

I had visited there two years ago with my partner but that was mainly a social trip and this is a photographic tour.  It doesn’t happen until next October and I haven’t done any planning so far but I’m expecting we’ll probably also spend a week in New Orleans.

18 comments on “Heading for New York Again

  1. Well deserved – congratulations!


  2. navery101 says:

    Excellent; congratulations!


  3. leecleland says:

    Fantastic news and what a fantastic image. Enjoy NY next year.


  4. Kerry Scarlett says:

    Congratulations Murray. Not so astonishing as this print is worthy of the prize you’ve won.




  5. I too would pick this image as a winner, it’s wonderful. Congratulations!


  6. David Beeken says:

    Congrats Murray Lovely Tones!


  7. No wonder it won! Well done Murray!


  8. Russell Hunt says:

    My time in “The Big Easy” is one of my best memories of the US. It was one of the few places that seemed to have a genuine soul. Who knows what 25 years and Katrina have done to it. Fingers crossed for you.


    • Murray Foote says:

      I think the French Quarter has pretty much recovered and I found a short text-only guide written by a local musician that should be very useful. It’s going to be a different sort of visit. I’m not so much interested in seeing the sights, more in hanging out, taking it slow and seeing lots of music. The thought has also crossed my mind of a trip to Cuba too, since I’ll be in the area but I haven’t got any further than that thought.


  9. Doc says:

    Well done Murray, way to go!


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