Port Douglas to Cairns


I just had enough time to briefly visit the edge of the Daintree rainforest while I was in Port Douglas to photograph the Low Isles lighthouse.  So here’s an image, just for a taste.

Photographing in rainforest can be difficult because there is so much detail it can be hard to isolate a composition.  That’s not so much the problem here but the harsh daylight meant that the range of tones between shadows and highlights were greater than the slide film could fully capture.


I think this was just north of Cairns and I was probably driving north to Port Douglas.  This is a view down the coast, looking south, with a nice range of tones in the rocks, trees, sea and sky.

The red streak at the top right is car tail lights disappearing around a bend in the highway.  If you follow down diagonally from there to the bottom left corner, you will see a curious object just beside the water’s edge.  There is probably a dramatic and tragic story of how that got to be there.

4 comments on “Port Douglas to Cairns

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  2. aquibeluchi says:

    Hello Murray!… you are right, this that picture was taken in North Cairns : Capitan Cook Hwy, between Palm Cove and Port Douglas… a really nice road!
    By the way… I like your blog!, lovely pictures!!


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