31st January: Kanazawa – Kenrokuen Gardens – Hisagoike Pond

I got up early in the morning and headed to the Kenrokuen Gardens, the primary purpose of my visit to Kanazawa.

Parked in snow

At first it was clear, though there was quite a lot of snow around …

Looks like a Shinto Temple, might be Shinoki Cultural Complex, from across the road in heavy snow

… but before too long, it started snowing quite heavily.

Walking in the snow, near Kenrokuen Gardens

It had been snowing heavily for some days, very unusual for this time of year.

Kenrokuen Gardens, Southern Entrance

This is the entrance where I went in.  I could tell there were few ahead of me from the footprints in the snow.  The gardens were exquisite with their heavy winter coating.

Hisagoike Pond

The surface of the pond is largely frozen, though not on this edge and not on the far side.

Myoshian Tea House, Hisagoike Pond

I stopped for a while in this tea house and had a conversation with a Japanese woman who was an English teacher from Tokyo, visiting on holiday.

Trees and Snow

Trees and Snow

Kaisekito Pagoda and Hisagoike Pond

Kenrokuen is said to be one of the three most beautiful Japanese Gardens – and according to some, the best.  It means “Six Attributes Garden” as it is said to display the perfect combination of spaciousness, seclusion, artifice, antiquity, water-courses and panoramas.  These are traditional 11th century Chinese criteria.

Hisagoike Pond

Hisagoike Pond, heavy snow again

Kaisekito Pagoda and Hisagoike Pond, snowing

Myoshian Teahouse, Midoritaki Waterfall, Kaisekito Pagoda and Hisagoike Pond

The last image was taken three hours later, in early afternoon.  It’s not snowing at this point and the trees in the background have lost most of their snow, probably knocked out by the attendants with long poles.  The water is evidently not too cold for carp.

13 comments on “31st January: Kanazawa – Kenrokuen Gardens – Hisagoike Pond

  1. These are incredible!


  2. Great photos! I love the 5th and 9th ones, especially!


  3. Wow. Break out the sled! Nice photos.


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