New York

In October 2011 I was in New York for sixteen days and my only camera was a Fujifilm X100.  In other journeys in this blog I had a couple of full-frame DSLRs and a barrage of lenses.  However, this time I was with my partner so the primary purpose of the trip was not photographic and also I didn’t know in advance how safe it would be wandering around New York with expensive photographic equipment. Mainly we were interesting in visiting museums and galleries and catching some live music.  I was also interested in what I might find in the way of street photography and how well the X100 would cope.

7 comments on “New York

  1. throughhisown says:

    Planning to go to NY next year. How safe is it (re. cameras)?


  2. Nice shots Murray, and what a treasure trove of blues artists. Looking forward to the other photos.


    • Murray Foote says:

      Thanks, Derek. New York isn’t primarily a Blues Venue so there are not that many places to see Blues and the venues can be quite small. It wasn’t cheap but we saw some great performances in great venues with audiences of no more than twenty. My camera just had a fixed 35mm equivalent lens but we were able to get right beside the stage on all occasions except for Joe Bonamassa on the last night at the Beacon Theatre (with several thousand people).


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  4. […] New York (2011) […]


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