23rd February: Hokkaido – Shiretoko National Park

After dropping our stuff off at the Utoro hotel and lunch, we headed further along the coast past the ice clogging the sea shore, towards Shiretoko National Park and Furepe Falls.

(Click for much larger image)

This is Furepe Falls, an entirely frozen waterfall with no water visibly flowing.   What you see here is a very small view of a huge image made from lots of exposures.  Click on it for a very large full-screen image you can zoom right into.  (Clicking opens it in a new page.  Next, click on the furthest right button at bottom right to open to full screen.)

The waterfall empties into the sea, into a cove and this is the head of that cove, from the top of the cliff.

On the far side of the cove is a lighthouse.  It looks out of place as you walk towards it from inland, as though it is just sitting in a field.

… and finally, this is Utoro in fading light and heavy snow.

6 comments on “23rd February: Hokkaido – Shiretoko National Park

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  2. horimasa says:

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  3. Beautiful photos Murray!


  4. Wonderful! I would love to go to Hokkaido some day!


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