24th February: Hokkaido – Shiretoko National Park (Day 2)

This is a view of Utoro from my hotel window on my last day in Hokkaido, very early in the morning.

(Click to explore much larger image)

The plane was to leave in the middle of the day but first we made the most of the time we had left and returned to Shiretoko National Park.  This is Furepe Falls, the lighthouse and the cove again.

It is also a huge image, equivalent to an image from a 300 megapixel camera with an ultrawide lens, though constructed from many images.  Click it and zoom in for full detail.

Looking out across the cove to the point, where the previous day there was sea, there is now a veil of sea ice that extends out for hundreds of metres.

And here is Furepe Falls in all its frigid splendour.  If you click on the image two before and zoom into it, you can see more detail than by clicking on this image though it’s better isolated here.

The lighthouse from across the cove as the snow starts to fall heavier and visibility starts to diminish.

… and the curtain of snow descends ….

The silhouettes of the straggling trees contrast well with the snow-saturated landscape.

The last three images are from within the shelter of the trees, walking back up the hill to the bus.

3 comments on “24th February: Hokkaido – Shiretoko National Park (Day 2)

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  2. quiet an environment Murray


    • Murray Foote says:

      Yes, a very wonderful and varied location, rendered mysterious by the falling snow. There are frequently deer there as well though we didn’t see any while we were there.


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