Jodhpur – Horse and cart ride

26th February 2014 (Day 18) Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India




After visiting the markets, we went for a horse and cart ride through the old city.



There were six of us, two to a cart in three carts.  This is the one behind us, with Christa and Bronwtnne facing out to the back.  All the following images were taken from the back of a cart.


DSCF5062-Edit .

DSCF5066 .

DSCF5110 .

DSCF5135 .

DSCF5152 .

DSCF5179 .

DSCF5204 .

DSCF5208 Some people have it particularly tough.


DSCF5213 .

DSCF5222 .

DSCF5253 .

DSCF5260 .

DSCF5271-Edit .


He’s at least wearing safety glasses but not protective footwear, and the embers are flying out….


DSCF5302 Motorbikes and motor scooters are very popular….


DSCF5317 .

DSCF5318-Edit .

5 comments on “Jodhpur – Horse and cart ride

  1. Wonderful series, makes me miss India.


  2. […] 26th:  Jodhpur – Horse and cart ride […]


  3. Rajiv says:

    It has changed a wee bit since I was there many years back


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