22nd February: Hokkaido – Notsuke Peninsula (Day 2)

Boat trailer in snow and ice

The weather was better than on the preceding day so we headed off again south of Rausu to the Notsuke peninsula and spent much more time there this time, mainly out of the bus.

Snow and ice at the shoreline

Snow and ice at the shoreline

Here we are on the northern and western side of the peninsula, looking out to the Nemuro Strait or the Okhotsk Sea (depending on the angle of view).  On the edge of this sea is not rocks but “boulders of ice”, washed in on the waves.

A duel at forty paces with scrubbing brushes, perhaps?

When I was taking this image I was thinking in terms of a metaphor for Man’s intrusion into an unspoiled environment.   This is not actually wilderness, though, and probably has not been so for a long time.

On the other side of the peninsula, looking out over the frozen Notsuke Bay, I found elegant austere landscapes.  Over in the distance somewhere is where we were later to spend the night.

Snow, trees and sika deer

Occasionally there were sika deer visible from the road.  These were probably 100 metres away.

Here we are looking west towards the Hokkaido mountains.

These three images are all looking north towards the mountainous coast of Hokkaido.

Snow, trees and sika deer

Here is another herd of sika deer from the side of the road.  No stags, this time.

The buoys for the fishing nets made tempting photographic subjects in the snow.

5 comments on “22nd February: Hokkaido – Notsuke Peninsula (Day 2)

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  2. livvy30 says:

    I didn’t realise they get so much snow! Lovely shots.


    • Murray Foote says:

      Thank you.

      Hokkaido is usually pretty cold in winter which is why they have the snow festival further south in Sapporo earlier in February. It was also a colder than usual winter. I did some research on historical temperatures before I went so as to know what to expect. The average temperature at the places I visited in Hokkaido was -6.1˚C, compared to -3.4˚C over the previous four years. Honshu doesn’t get as much snow as Hokkaido but the winter was colder there too. For example, Kyoto and Kanazawa got more snow this winter than in any of the previous four years.


  3. Looks like Arctic Canada. Loved the buoys. Took me a few seconds to figure that one out.


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