29th April: Tahiti (Moorea – Cook’s Bay)

Moorea is a smaller island than Tahiti, visible from the north coast.  We spent most of our second day there, taking the ferry there and back.

Approaching Moorea

The view above is from about half-way across the channel between Tahiti and Moorea.

Getting closer ….


Looking across Cook’s Bay

In the image above, we are looking across Cook’s Bay, having driven around to the north side of the island in a rental car.

View from a side road in Cook’s Bay

Clearly, we’re not in Easter Island anymore.  For one thing, there’s lots of vegetation and it’s quite warm.  We just took off along a small residential side road from the road around Cook’s Bay and this is a view we found there.

Lower Opunohu Valley

Then we drove around the coast to Opunohu Bay and this view is just along the road inland in Opunoho Valley.

3 comments on “29th April: Tahiti (Moorea – Cook’s Bay)

  1. trialsinfood says:

    gorgeous! i’ve always wanted to go to Tahiti!


  2. Murray Foote says:

    Thank you. I’ve still got a few more posts on Tahiti to go….


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