23rd April: Easter Island (South Coast)

Early morning on the South Coast.

In the early morning, on our way to Ranu Raraku, we stopped for the distant sunlight pouring through cracks in the clouds.  We are close to the South Coast road and probably near Ahu Runga Va’e.

Probable Google maps location.

After spending most of the day at Ranu Raraku, we revisited Ahu Tongariki for a while and then with the last light of the day, we moved a little way west along the South Coast.

Fallen moai

We came to this headless fallen moai on a small ahu, between Hanga Tetenga and Hanga Maihiku.  There are many such ahus along the South Coast.

Turning around and walking a few paces, we looked down on the sea boiling over the rocks below.

Great waves rolled in majestically, leaving plumes of spray hanging on the air.  It must be very impressive in a storm.

Looking West, along the South Coast


The eye of the wave


Looking East, in the gathering darkness


Looking West along the South Coast at night

Clicking on any of the images gives you a somewhat larger view.  Clicking on the last image opens to a much larger image, on a new tab.   On the new tab, if you do this,  first click on the bottom right icon for full screen, then use the mouse, mouse-wheel or the other icons to zoom in and out.  (Probably best not to zoom in all the way which in any case goes to more than 100%).

Google maps location.

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  1. Perry says:

    Very good know-how! I have been hunting for anything similar to this for a while currently. Excellent!


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