26th March: Antarctica (Vernadsky Station and away North)

Above left is the Vernadsky cloakroom where you must take off all outside clothing before entering the main building. Skis and showshoes as well as jackets and gumboots. At right, a scientist at work.

Vernadsky used to be Faraday Station until Britain sold it to Ukraine for £1 in 1996. Faraday’s moment of scientific glory came in 1984 when it first reported the formation of the ozone hole, leading to the worldwide banning of CFCs. The instrument that discovered this is called the Dobson meter and this is still visible in the attic of Vernadsky (they use a more modern one now).

GPS location (green arrow).


No GPS references on them, but I’m pretty sure I took the five images above from the ship (rather than from a zodiac) just before we were due to leave Vernadsky.

This is Vernadsky Station, probably our last glimpse. There are quite a few gentoo penguins standing around on some of the rocks and a few birds in the sky, which would be skuas.

If you look very carefully in front of the main building, you may be able to see a small building with a blue roof, rather like an outhouse. This is the prefabricated church we picked up at the Great Wall Station and brought here along with an Eastern Orthodox Archbishop. The station staff erected it while we were here and we attended a brief opening ceremony before we left.

Now we’re underway in the Penola Strait and not far from Vernadsky Station. It’s close to sunset but this of course is a monochrome conversion. I’m not sure exactly where we’re looking but from the angle of the light I’d say it must be mountains on the mainland about 5 kilometres away.

GPS location (green arrow).

The late afterglow of the sunset, about the same time as the previous image but looking west, towards a northern part of the Argentine Islands

Judging from the sequence of other images I’m not showing you, this must be the mainland opposite Peterman Island . This and the next three images might look as though they are monochrome but in fact they’re colour images after sunset.

This must be the mainland opposite Hovgaard Island.

GPS location (green arrow).

The entrance to the Lemaire Channel (from the south).

See those little streaks up at the top left corner? They’re star trails. It’s now 8pm and the sunset was at 6:30pm. Given that this is from a ship and not from a tripod on land, we’re well out of what it was possible to capture in the days of film.

We’re in the Lemaire Channel and looking at the mainland. I don’t have any more specific place names.

GPS location (Green arrow).

7 comments on “26th March: Antarctica (Vernadsky Station and away North)

  1. […] 26th March: Antarctica (Vernadsky Station and away North) […]


  2. […] 26th March: Antarctica (Vernadsky Station and away North) […]


  3. Fotograefin says:

    In think, that here many interesting pictures on this blog. I like them an I follow you.,.
    I do not understand that your photos will be little noticed here.Very sad I find das.


  4. Star trails! Fascinating. Was the ship at anchor? I assume you are using a tripod?


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