Canberra via Inverness to Lossiemouth

Scotland.  Day 1 and 2.  29th to 30th June

This is the first permanent post on my 84-day North Atlantic trip to Northern Scotland, Lofoten Islands, Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland.  I have previously posted temporary posts for the journey which I will go through and replace.  The first few of these included commentaries but after a while they became increasingly brief with quickly-selected images only.  The permanent posts will follow processing of all images and include more detailed descriptions and analyses.

It took a 38-hour journey from leaving Canberra airport until I was able to access my room in the B&B in Lossiemouth.

_DSF3235Very early in the journey I saw a very curious sight although it had faded by the time I got my camera out.  Far below the plane in the clouds was a silhouette of the plane with a white halo around it, for a while with some spectra.  It is just visible towards the bottom of the image.  What it must be I think is the atmosphere operating as a giant camera obscura.  The sun is directly behind the plane and somehow the upper cloud layer is focusing an image onto the lower cloud layer.

My journey involved flying Canberra to Sydney, Sydney to Singapore, Singapore to Heathrow, bus to Gatwick, flight to Inverness, hire car to Lossiemouth.  I arrived in Lossiemouth to meet up with Scott Marshall, who has another WordPress blog with images of Scotland.  This was made more difficult because when I arrived I discovered that I could not send emails or make phone calls and there was no-one in the B&B.

Nonetheless I did meet up with Scott and his wife Mandy for a long congenial discussion in the Golf Club bar.  After the first sip of beer I realized I was quite tired and thoughts of chasing round for photos disappeared.  So as we sat back and chatted I saw various photographic opportunities appearing and disappearing in front of me and Scott showed me the possibilities of the view in front of us when the light and tide are right.

_DSF3245Later that night I wandered out in search of some food.  Here is an image from the main street.  It’s not that Lossiemouth is a ghost town, this is 9:30pm on a Sunday night and I found a patch of road with no cars.

_DSF3247-EditAnother view down a road near the town centre, towards the sea.

_DSF3258Here is a view of the coast and lighthouse from near the golf course, where we sat down for a beer the previous evening.

_DSF3259I presume it’s really the building that dates from 1629 rather than the restaurant.  Charles I was on the throne then and just building up to his long period of conflicts with first the Scots and then the English Parliament.

_DSF3260It seems there are old places to buy in Lossiemouth and this one would have a sea view.