Ranakpur to Sardargarh

21st February 2014 (Day 13) Ranakpur to Sardargarh, Rajasthan, India


It seems that some people in India do not live in palaces or five-star hotels.



Goats on the road.


DSCF0863 .

DSCF0892-Edit .

Woolly-necked storks

Three woolly-necked storks (one obscured) beside a stream and visible from the road.



Sometimes passing can be difficult, especially if you are in a bus or a truck.  Blow Horn seems to be a common make of Indian truck.


DSCF0942 .

DSCF0947-Edit .


This is a place where they make bricks.  One of the images was as we drove passed, the other two as we stopped the next day.

Here we see they have laid out the base of a dome with combustible materials on the top.



Then they lay the bricks to be fired on top of that.



Finally they enclose the unfired bricks with fired bricks and earth and set the oven alight.  The holes you can see at the base are presumably to let air in to the base of the fire.  This process takes five days or so.

We are just outside the area of the Harappan Civilisation who built using bricks.  There is nothing modern about this process; it could have remained unchanged for thousands of years.  We could be looking at the brick-making method of the Harappans from 5,000 years ago.


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