Udaipur to Ranakpur

21st February 2014 (Day 13) Udaipur to Ranakpur, Rajasthan, India


Flute music with breakfast at our hotel.



Indian road construction is not as mechanised as in developed countries.



Still in Udaipur.  They are making concrete.  Sand, gravel and water.

We immediately noticed a great difference in arriving in Rajasthan after travelling in Delhi and Agra and the surrounding countryside – effective rubbish collection and no piles of rubbish lying around.  There were fewer obviously poor people and hardly any beggars.    There were also more people on motor scooters and motor bikes and fewer people with hand carts.  As well as that, there were a significant number of women riding motor scooters or motor bikes and hardly any in Delhi or Agra.


DSCF2650 Now leaving Udaipur and travelling north….


DSCF2676 .

DSCF2682 .

DSCF2692 .


The oxen are turning a water wheel for irrigation which is hidden behind them.  We stopped here for a while and I was given the honour of sitting in the chair and going round with the oxen.



If you look at the signs you will see that this is a campus for the Pacific University.

Well, OK, another explanation is that this village is visible from the road and they have some advertising billboards on their walls.



We are now in the hills of Kumbhalgarh National Park and these are Common Langurs.


DSCF2715 .

DSCF2724-Edit .

DSCF2727 .

DSCF2736-Edit .

5 comments on “Udaipur to Ranakpur

  1. leecleland says:

    The Common Langurs are beautiful animals, well captured. Loved the contrast of the women helping with the concrete, one in jeans and one in sari.


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  3. Cyrus Irani says:

    @Murray, yours is a truly fantabulous travel blog that will make people sit and read. The pictures are simple and yet have a magnetic effect on the audience. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post with the readers of this blog.


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