18th February: Hokkaido – Kushiro to Lake Kussharo

As for the previous morning, we went to Otowa Bridge before dawn but this time the conditions were not as good.  It was not as cold, not below the dew point and the fogginess was not there.  So we decided not to stay.  The image is of trees on a nearby snow-covered hill.

Trees at the side of the road from the bus

Central Hokkaido landscape from the bus

After breakfast we then headed off in the bus inland towards Lake Kussharo.  The two images above give some idea of the landscape we traveled through.

8 comments on “18th February: Hokkaido – Kushiro to Lake Kussharo

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  2. Thomas says:

    I love the first minimalist tree photo and I look forward to the workshop with Martin and Chris in January 2013 😉



    • Murray Foote says:

      Hi Thomas

      Those trees were a long way away. I’m using 600mm focal length. I’m sure you’ll have a great time with Martin and Chris and get some great images. It’s a magical environment.



  3. Muyong says:

    Hi, very nice photo and really great Hokkaido Winter trip.

    I have a question. I wonder what’s your mean of travel around the Kushiro / Kussharo / Mashu. I plan to visit these destinations in the up coming Winter too, but still can’t find a good way to travel around. You’ve mentioned about “bus” several times, could you please advise what kind of bus it is.

    And, what about the road condition around (especially the road up to Lake Mashu). I don’t have experience in driving on snow, but If the road condition is good, I may rent a car.



    • Murray Foote says:

      Hi Muyong. When I was in Hokkaido, I was on a Photographic Tour with Martin Bailey (who lives in Japan). The bus was provided and while I did drive in snow in Iceland and for that matter round Nikko, I didn’t in Hokkaido. I don’t understand how severe conditions can be so I can’t give you any sensible advice on driving or options for public transport in Hokkaido in winter.


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