Jaisalmer – Entering the Fort and visiting a Jain Temple

25th February 2014 (Day 17) Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India


Fairly early in the morning we entered the fort at Jaisalmer.  I have broken up the events of the day into separate posts, though there is probably little logic for the separation and it is more of a continuous stream.



There was a most curious set of steps on an outside wall.



Fabrics and garments for sale on the way in…



Elaborately carved facades…


DSCF4262 .


A warren of small streets and roadside shops…


DSCF4288 .


Looking in to a fabrics shop as we walked past…


DSCF4308 .


We also visited a small Jain Temple.  Here, unlike the larger Jain temple we visited at Ranakpur, we were permitted to photograph the sacred figures.  We are looking through at one of the Salakapurusas, not a god but an illustrious person one might like to emulate, probably not unlike Buddhist Bodhisattvas.  There are a few more of these in following images.



Elaborately carved ceilings…


DSCF4321 .


The sign below the desk says “Please do not give tips to the holy men.  All gifts please place in the donation box instead.”  Notwithstanding this, a holy man demanded money upstairs, claiming rather implausibly that it was a different establishment up there.



A wonderful delicacy in many of the carvings…


DSCF4337 .


Click on an image if you want to see a larger view.


DSCF4345 .

DSCF4353 .


Not everything was open for view.


DSCF4359 .