31st March: Drake Passage

A little bit quieter today.  There were always albatrosses and other birds following the ship, waiting for fish that may get thrown up in the wake.  I spent some time photographing them, an interesting exercise in itself, out on the rolling deck with a very heavy long telephoto mounted on a monopod from the belt.

Southern fulmars

Wandering albatrosses

Wandering albatrosses

5 comments on “31st March: Drake Passage

  1. Derek Lark says:

    Great shot under those conditions. We made it to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, nearly as many animals here (:))


  2. Jools says:

    Fascinating, however a rolling deck is not exciting envy at this point.
    Love Jools


  3. […] 31st March:  Drake Passage […]


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