22nd March: Drake Passage

The Drake Passage got somewhat rougher as we got to the middle with water periodically breaking over the bow of the ship. Almost all the photographers became seasick, though I was fortunately amongst the few not afflicted. In mid afternoon it started to snow and there were also several whales in front of the ship in the early evening. However, low light and the distance did not make photographing them easy.

A rocking and a rolling

Google maps location.

Splash into the waves

We all piled into one of these for lifeboat drill. All very safe no doubt but not much fun in a real situation, wedged in like sardines, tossed around in a stormy sea and probably most people seasick.

… Then later there was some snow.

Google maps location.

Two fin whales in Antarctic waters and less than 50km from King George Island. This is over an hour after sunset which is a problem for a photograph with a long telephoto. So not surprising it could be sharper but not bad for 600mm, 1/60th sec @ f5.6, deck of a moving ship.

Google maps location.