24th April: Easter Island (Ana Kakenga)

Ana Kakenga – seaview

Late in the afternoon of 24th April we descended into Ana Kakenga, a lava tunnel also known as the cave of the two windows.  The Rapanui used to take refuge in lava tunnels from marauding tribes or Europeans.  More on this when I cover Ana Te Pahu.

The image to the right is the left-hand opening of the lava tube, in the cliff face high above the sea.

Ana Kakenga – inside the lava tube

Turning around, I asked Greg to stay while I photographed the tunnel itself so you can get a sense of how large it is.

We had to take off our backpacks to get in through the tight opening but once inside it opens to some comfortably large chambers.


Ana Kakenga – sea view at sunset


This is the other opening in the cliff face over the sea.  I was set up and starting to take photographs when suddenly the sun came out streaming across the sea.  This only lasted about 20 seconds.  A serendipitous moment.

Google maps location. (The green arrow, not the orange marker which is a commercial red herring).