Sardargarh to Manvar

23rd February 2014 (Day 15) Sardargarh to Manvar, Rajasthan, India


This morning we piled into the bus for a journey to Manvar Desert Camp.  Before too long we had come up behind an elephant, though it was riding in the back of the truck.



The roads are quite often narrow.


DSCF1367-2 .


Perhaps this was even the same elephant we saw from the train two posts ago.


DSCF3327 .

DSCF3330 .

DSCF1372-2 .

DSCF3338 .


The strips are for the woven base of beds, such as the ones in front.


DSCF1395-2 .


We stopped at a small family business making rugs, a skill passed down from one generation to another.



We purchased a smaller one similar to the large one in the middle.  Raj, our driver, is on the right.



Back on the road again … (though not so much heat, canned or otherwise).



Indian driving.  A truck is overtaking a tanker and a bend is coming up.  There is a cow on the road on the bend and another truck behind it.  Click image if you want to see this more clearly in a larger view.


DSCF1413-2 .

DSCF3364 .

6 comments on “Sardargarh to Manvar

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  2. I loved the observation on ‘Indian driving’. I trust that nevertheless did not have a nasty outcome.


  3. Ha – like Arabs, all the time in the world…… until one of them is behind the wheel of a car ! bends just make it more of a challenge ❗



  4. Murray Foote says:

    Well, I just had to lie back and relax and accept things were the way they were. Our drivers were pretty good considering. I certainly wasn’t keen to do any driving myself.


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