18th February: Hokkaido – Lake Kussharo (Sunayu)

After leaving Kotan, we made a short journey to Sunayo, further up the lake.  Here there is a large parking lot and a cafeteria, where we stopped for lunch.  There were many whooper swans in the warm thermal waters beside the lake.

I was sitting on the edge of a small wooden wharf here.  A young swan, on the extreme left, was nibbling round the end of my boot.

The swans were converging.  The top two exposures are with the light, the next two against the light.  I was told that the people who run the cafeteria have been instructed not to feed the swans, but continue to do so in the interests of their business.

… So, while the feeding was going on, there was quite a bit of competition for the offerings…

… and then it was quiet again ….

… until it came time to leave ….

5 comments on “18th February: Hokkaido – Lake Kussharo (Sunayu)

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  2. Greg says:

    They’re not swans. Everyone knows all swans are black!


    • Murray Foote says:

      Well, it wasn’t night-time.

      Actually I was just reading in the last day or so that Marie Antoinette was the first person in Europe to successfully breed black swans. And the reason was in response to a classical quote, by Juvenal if I remember correctly, that it was as likely to find a faithful wife as to find a black swan. I think she wanted to disprove the quote and to prove something to Napoleon.


  3. dalzellphoto says:

    You were so close! I’m really liking the wide angle shots of them. They didn’t scatter with you so close?


    • Murray Foote says:

      Well, as I said, one of the young ones was nibbling around near the toe of my boot. They’re not too concerned about humans and they’ve got some nice warm water to hang out in. I just sat down quietly at the edge of the water and they quickly ignored me.


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